Individual Therapy

Therapy can be used to explore feelings, beliefs, or behaviors, and to identify aspects of your life that you would like to change. I work with both youth and adults using both a short term behavioral skills based model as well as longer term supportive psychotherapy.

Family Therapy

I work with families as a unit to help them communicate more effectively, identify and uphold healthier boundaries, and work toward interdependence as well as identifying barriers to accomplishing these tasks. Family systems treatment works from the premise that individuals can solve problems in the context of their family unit, where many of the issues they face as individuals arise.

Couple Therapy

Most, if not all, relationships go through periods of stress, which is a natural part of growing and living a life together. When stressful situations lead to distress, intense conflict, or upheaval it can help to find new tools to communicate and problem solve. I focus on teaching communication and healthy boundary skills to support couples in becoming more effective in their ability to tolerate and manage stress as a team.

Individual Coaching

Coaching is a goal directed process for those wanting problem solving for specific life problems but that do not suffer from mental health problems, and as such can benefit from a short term interactive and developmental coaching process. With coaching clients, I help pursue strategies and solutions designed to move them towards the attainment of defining and accomplishing personal and family goals. As coach and consultant, I will at times offer direct suggestions, advice, recommendations and specific strategies that may help or interest clients. When you engage in these services, you must recognize that I am not practicing as a psychotherapist/clinical social worker, but as a Coach and Consultant. As such, I will not be providing psychodiagnosis or psychotherapeutic treatments. Coaching sessions may or may not occur on a weekly or consistent basis, the frequency of which is agreed upon prior to the onset of a coaching process.

Family Coaching

I offer family coaching for very specific, usually short term problem solving needs. Examples of issues appropriate for family coaching: Pre/post-treatment planning for a loved one going to higher levels of mental health or substance care, DBT Family Skills Coaching Sessions used conjointly with a loved one undergoing DBT individual treatment, or psychoeducation sessions for family members with loved ones newly diagnosed with a mental illness. When you contact me and seek family services, we will discuss whether family therapy or short term family coaching is most appropriate to help you meet your goals.


As a Certified Family Mediator, I offer goal directed co-parenting sessions for parents that are in the process of separating or divorcing as well as for parents that have co-parenting contracts that require renegotiation and/or mediation. The outcome of co-parenting sessions is a non legally binding written agreement that parents cooperatively agree to use as a framework for parenting choices. For legal agreements, I refer clients to Family Attorney Mediators with whom I have collaborated.